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The Connecticut Outreach Society (COS) provide many services and programs for transgender (crossdressers, transsexual [both MtF and FtM] and gender variant) individuals and their spouses or significant others.


  • Comfortable, non-threatening environment
  • The chance to meet and socialize with others
  • An opportunity to practice presentation and socialization skills
  • 2nd Saturday of Each month except for July and August in the West Hartford area

to the TG Community

  • COS communicates with and is represented in many national TG organizations
  • COS works with other local and regional TG to support or sponsor regional events

Presentation Skills

  • Make-up techniques
  • Wig and hair care
  • Clothing seminars
  • Voice seminars
  • Shopping Guide

Outreach Speaker's Bureau

  • Informative, entertaining talks on Transgenderism
  • Presented by COS membership
  • Presented to professional organizations, social services, universities, and other interested groups

Significant Others Support

  • Spouses and Significant Others are welcome at all COS functions
  • Several "Significant Others" have generously volunteered to help other spouses understand and cope with this phenomenon

Special Events

  • Holiday get-togethers
  • Dinners
  • Shopping trips
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Other social and educational functions

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