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1. An early name given to trangender people named after Chevalier d'Eon
3.The Harry ________ Standard of Care For Gender Identity Disorder
5. Name of the song that the Kinks played
6. Climbed Mt Everest
8. A transsexual doctor from Phoenix
12. IFGE award named after a pioneer in the transgender community
13. A leader in the field radiology, He developed the process for diagnosis TB by x-rays.
14. Born with characteristic of both sexes.
16. Synonym for being identified as transgender
17.This uprising marked the begin of the GLBT movement on June 27, 1969


2. A short skirt
4. Synonym for being identified as transgender
7.Name of a national transgender organization based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.
9. Wrote "Gender Warrior"
10. A tall thin high heel shoe
11.No lady would be caught without this
15. Another name for stockings

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Diana L
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