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Transgenderism is a phenomenon that has been incident throughout recorded civilization. In many cultures, the transgendered (TG) individual has an accepted, even honored, place within the societal structure (such as the Native American "Two-Spirited" people and the "Mollies" and the "Tommies" of the late 1700s and early1800s in England).

In Western culture, Transgenderism can be expressed in many ways: ranging from Crossdressing, up to post-operative transsexuals. These expressions form a Transgendered spectrum. Each TG individual will find his or her own place on this spectrum.

There are as many "flavors" of transgenderism as there are TG individuals. However, there are some basic facts about Transgenderism:

  1. TG people can be Heterosexual (straight), bisexual, or Homosexual (gay). The percentages of straight/gay TG individuals seems to mirror that of the general population.
  2. Crossdressing does not lead to Transsexualism. Some crossdressers may determine that they are indeed Transsexual. Many others are content to express their transgenderism through occasional crossdressing.
  3. TG persons work in all areas and jobs; many are highly successful and accomplished in their chosen careers.

COS has access to the most up to date literature and scientific findings on Transgenderism. If you would like information to help you understand TG behavior in yourself or someone close to you, please feel free to call or e-mail COS. We can provide copies of the latest information, and direct you to other Transgender resources within the area. Also see our Reading Room for a list of books that we have found informative.

Sometimes we just stumble across a web-site that is worth its weight in gold. Here is one of them. It's from the Children's National Medical Center and it is entitled "If You Are Concerned About Your Child's Gender Behaviors: A Parent guide". If you have any concerns about your child or a family's member gender identity then we strongly recommend read this guide.

Here are some brochures that we hand out that you can download if you want.

Here are some more web-sites that are a good sources of transgender information.

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